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This blog explores topics in 'Trichology' (the orthodox sciences of human hair). We welcome you either as an interested visitor or a prospective student seeking to study trichology to share your comments and experience. As the archives continue to accumulate, probably at some point they will become a useful reference for all. This hair loss forum may help you to grow hair too!

What your Hair & Scalp Say About your health

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Lonely Hair

A receding hairline is a distinctly masculine trait.  Females can occasionally develop it in a condition called frontal fibrosing alopecia. However in females, this is not hereditary and is a variant of a condition called 'lichen planopilaris'. Lonely hair is a clinical sign in this condition(1). What a cute name for a clinical sign!

(1) Lonely Hair: A Clue to the Diagnosis of Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia. Arch Dermatol. 2011;147(10):1240. doi:10.1001/archdermatol.2011.261

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