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This blog explores topics in 'Trichology' (the orthodox sciences of human hair). We welcome you either as an interested visitor or a prospective student seeking to study trichology to share your comments and experience. As the archives continue to accumulate, probably at some point they will become a useful reference for all. This hair loss forum may help you to grow hair too!

Hair fall - The root pressure theory (Part - II)

The Maze
The Maze (Photo credit: beapen)
The root pressure theory is simple. It is not the hormones that make you bald, but the pressure on the hair roots though hormones could still have an indirect effect. I was planning to write a detailed description of the evidence in favour of this theory, but I submitted it as a product plan to the new portal that aims to "Unite Inventions across Industry and Academia". And guess what, it is the top product plan till now! Though the description may be technical it covers most of the points I wanted to blog. You can read it here. (Opens in a separate window) If you have a facebook account, please don't forget to recommend and comment on the plan. They have promised $500 for the best product plan in medicine and the competition ended last month. But I have not heard from them still!!

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