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This blog explores topics in 'Trichology' (the orthodox sciences of human hair). We welcome you either as an interested visitor or a prospective student seeking to study trichology to share your comments and experience. As the archives continue to accumulate, probably at some point they will become a useful reference for all. This hair loss forum may help you to grow hair too!

The Greek Key

If you have experienced any disastrous hair bleaching experiments, you will definitely understand the need for a hair coating agent that could reverse the damage. What if you have a miracle hair cream that could improve the strength of your hair beyond the normal? You will get enough confidence to try the hair straightening procedure, you have been procrastinating because your hormones have been playing tricks with your hair making it slender. You may soon have that magic hair cream in your vanity bag!

English: Example:hair being straighten with a ...
English: Example:hair being straighten with a regular curly iron. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Hair is made up of keratin stabilised by disulphide linkages. Biochemistry would proffer a cysteine rich protein capable of forming disulphide linkages with the cysteine in keratin as the most likely candidate. But molecular biology does not always accede with conventional wisdom and found just the opposite!


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