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This blog explores topics in 'Trichology' (the orthodox sciences of human hair). We welcome you either as an interested visitor or a prospective student seeking to study trichology to share your comments and experience. As the archives continue to accumulate, probably at some point they will become a useful reference for all. This hair loss forum may help you to grow hair too!

Neuroendocrinology of the hair follicle

Neuroendocrinology of hair follicle is a good comprehensive review (1) that goes beyond the description of hormonal influences on the hair cycle. The review provides insights into the role of TSH, TRH and prolactin on hair and keratin. Novel concepts like the possibility of an intrafollicular equivalent of the central HPT axis is discussed.
An extracted hair folicle with three distinct ...
An extracted hair folicle with three distinct hairs growing from the common source. Taken with a camera with the macro function enabled to magnify the subject. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


1. Ralf Paus, Ewan A. Langan, Silvia Vidali, Yuval Ramot, Bogi Andersen, Neuroendocrinology of the hair follicle: principles and clinical perspectives, Trends in Molecular Medicine, Available online 21 July 2014, ISSN 1471-4914,
Keywords: prolactin; TRH; TSH; mitochondria; CRH; skin

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