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Effect of fibroblast growth factor 2 containing dalteparin protamine nanoparticles on hair growth

Spiked Hair
Spiked Hair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By:Takabayashi Y, Nambu M, Ishihara M, Kuwabara M, Fukuda K, Nakamura S, Hattori H, Kiyosawa T

Although treatments for alopecia are in high demand, not all treatments are safe and reliable. Dalteparin/protamine nanoparticles (D/P NPs) can effectively carry growth factors (GFs) such as fibroblast GF (FGF)-2. The purpose of this study was to identify the effects of FGF-2-containing D/P NPs (FGF-2&D/P NPs) on hair growth.

 In this study, the participants were 12 volunteers with thin hair. One milliliter of FGF-2 (100 ng/mL) and D/P NPs (56 μg/mL) was applied and massaged on the skin of the scalp by the participants twice a day. They were evaluated for 6 months. Participants were photographed using a digital camera for general observation and a hair diagnosis system for measuring hair diameter.

The mean diameter of the hairs was significantly higher following the application of FGF-2&D/P NPs for 6 months. Objective improvements in thin hair were observed in two cases. Nine participants experienced greater bounce and hair resilience.

Conclusion: The transdermal application of FGF-2&D/P NPs to the scalp can be used as a new treatment for alopecia.

Read the full article @ Dovepress.

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